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In nearly 50 years in ministry, our devotional titles, counselling and other training and church resources have built us a reputation for excellence. At the heart of our organisation is the focus on applying God's Word to everyday life and relationships. Our founder, Selwyn Hughes, never wavered from his original twofold vision - to see individuals experience personal revival through God's Word and to equip God's Church to deal with hurt and damaged people.

Selwyn Hughes was still a full-time minister in London when he laid the foundations for CWR. He wrote his own approach to Bible study on the back of a postcard for a few members of his congregation. Four decades later around a million people in 160 countries read Every Day with Jesus, the devotional that sprang from such humble beginnings, and other devotionals have followed: YP's, Cover to Cover Every Day, Inspiring Women Every Day, Lucas on Life Every Day, Topz and Mettle.
We have been based at Waverley Abbey House in the heart of the English countryside since 1987, and since then thousands of students have attended our wide range of training courses. We expanded our training base with the purchase of Pilgrim Hall near Uckfield East Susex and this now allows us to train more people across the two sites. In 2014 we launched Waverley Abbey College which oversees all of our Higher Education programme.


Waverley Abbey House History

The Abbey
Waverley Abbey was built by Cistercian monks in 1128. It continued to thrive for over 400 years, providing shelter for pilgrims, the sick and the poor. However, its peaceful life came to an end with Henry VIII's dissolution of the monasteries. The resulting ruins now provide a picturesque location.

The House
Over 200 years after monks had inhabited the Abbey, Chancellor of the Exchequer Sir John Aislabie used the ruins as a source of building material in the construction of a grand stately home. This is the present-day Waverley Abbey House.

In the 19th century the house was purchased by Florence Nightingale's family, and she was a frequent visitor to the mansion. Waverley became a Red Cross hospital during the First World War, and at the end of World War II the building was converted into apartments for retired people.

The Development of Waverley Training Centre
Our vision to establish a Christian training centre led to our purchase of Waverley Abbey House in Surrey at the end of 1983. By the time we acquired Waverley it was in a considerable state of decay. It took four long years and an incredible amount of prayer and repair to return the grand old building to its former glory.

Waverley soon became known as a centre of excellence. Since Lord Tonypandy, former speaker of the House of Commons, opened the House in 1987, tens of thousands of students and visitors have been blessed by the wide range of courses on offer at the centre. Visitors remark that they are as impressed by its spiritual character as they are by its architectural grandeur.

The surrounding countryside and the wonderful views make Waverley Abbey House unique, and the facilities on offer add to the pleasure of any visit.

A place with such rich spiritual and historical roots provides a remarkable backdrop. Whether you come to Waverley for one of the internationally acclaimed Christian Counselling courses, or for one of the many seminar programmes, your visit will be something to cherish for the rest of your life.

Quotes about Waverley
"The beauty and tranquillity of Waverley has left a lasting impression. There's a real sense of God's presence in this place."
Pauline Davey, Belfast

"My time at Waverley is something that will remain with me forever. The impact of the course, the people and the place has been deeply significant."

Jonathan Wileman, South Africa

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