Talking Tales -Awwww!!
Bob Hartman
250x210mm 32 pages, Softback
ISBN: 978-1-78259-499-4

£5.99 (GBP)
Sale Price £2.99 (GBP)

Hi, you may have heard about me before. Well maybe not, but you would have heard of Jesus, right? My parents had and that’s why we went on a little trip to find Him, but we ended up in a MASSIVE queue of people!

And if that big crowd wasn’t enough to stop us, some of Jesus’ friends – very grumpy looking friends – also tried their best to stop me and the other children meeting Jesus. Anyway, I’m not going to tell you everything that happened, you’ll have to find out … but just so you know, it was worth the wait!

Written by Bob Hartman this beautifully illustrated book is ideal for children aged 3-6 years old.