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Designedl for 14–18-year-olds, Mettle is published every four months and tackles Bible themes as well as the ‘hot potato' issues that young people face today.

Mettle has a cool, contemporary look, in full colour throughout. We design, produce and publish it, and Youth for Christ (YFC) write the words. British YFC works with 200,000 young people each month providing resources and support for effective Christian youth work.

Every weekday and weekend Mettle features a Bible reading to look up, a key verse, some helpful thoughts and insights that will encourage young people to live their lives for God.

There's also a prayer, action point or challenge for practical application.

A breadth of insight and knowledge is provided by different authors for each section, each issue.

This subscription covers 3 issues over a 12 month period.

Youth group material to complement the Mettle Bible reading notes are available . Find out more at


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