Exodus - Bible study
God's Epic Rescue
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Throughout seven weeks, follow the journey of the Israelites as they leave the bondage of slavery in Egypt behind, and head towards the freedom God has promised them. Discover how this incredible deliverance plan, executed thousands of years ago, foreshadowed God’s rescue mission for the whole of the human race, and His epic story of salvation.
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Zechariah - Bible study
Seeing God's Bigger Picture
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Writing at the same time as the prophet Haggai, Zechariah’s task was to get the people of Judah to rebuild their ruined Temple – but also to remind them of their identity as a people of God. Through seven study sessions, find out how God longs to break through the limitations we set for ourselves, and see His bigger picture for our lives, the Church and the world.
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Living a Romans 12 Life

Day by day, jump head-first into the Romans 12. This amazing chapter of the Bible is jam-packed with instructions for living a ‘zeo’ life – fully alive and holding nothing back. Whether you’re new to faith or looking to re-energise your spiritual life, Zeo will reawaken a passion for God and living for Him.

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