Cover to Cover Complete Readers' Testimonies

Here is some of the feedback that we have received from people who are using Cover to Cover Complete either individually or as part of church groups.

’m now into my 19 th year of reading it daily whilst I have introduced it to others along the years.
For the first time I have a small group reading from my church who I try to encourage... 'May 2019

'May all who commit to reading it discover our Creator God’s heart for mankind and find life changing applications of newly found  truths ' May 2019
' I would like to express my deep gratitude for the Chronological Bible publication that I read throughout last year
It has given me a much greater understanding of the Bible, its characters and events, and has really strengthened my faith as a result.It has also deepened my desire to know God more and improve my relationship with him.  It has pointed out to me the real importance and power of prayer, and convicted me to pray more often.'
' I am completely gripped by Ezekiel at the moment and realise it might be a book that I have never read before( so gripped that I haven't even been keeping track of what day I'm on).'
' I am ... so glad I started doing it and am now really looking forward to getting to the New Testament. I am much clearer about lots of things and how things fit together. I am definitely someone who reads the total boring bits, so it has been very good for me.'
'...I got a bit behind and it seemed like no matter how hard I tried to catch up, I couldn't - but a little bit of perseverance sorted that out... there are whole pockets that I want to go back and re-read because they are so inspirational.'
' Cover to Cover Complete reveals things that you wouldn't ususally think of, it gets your mind thinking and it generates questions.'
' I am about three days' ahead of schedule.'
' It made me wonder if God has been warning me about things in my own life that I've chosen to completely ignore, like those silly Old Testament kids.'
 This testimony was send to one of the Church Co-ordinator ...
' ... I've been meaning to write and thank you for setting it all up and encouraging us to get going. ( I shall be glad to get to the New testament though!)'
A reader using the NIV version of Cover to Cover Complete commented ...
' I am finding it really interesting to read longer sections of scripture in one sitting. Most bible study passages are quite short (at least the ones I've previously done tend to be) and reading more each time helps my understanding of the overall flow and meaning. Really enjoying the chronology aspects too.
I did get behind when we had a week away but I doubled up for the next week and so caught up.
So far I'm keeping up with the daily discipline. It is very do-able and the sections, headings and layout help with that - breaking the passage up so that it doesn't seem so huge.
Thank you for it and for the additional resources too.'
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