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Life Every Day – Extras by Jeff Lucas helps you apply the Bible to everyday life. Through his customary wit and wisdom, Jeff will have you laughing, crying and learning as he helps you to gain insight, understanding and practical application from God’s Word. International author, speaker and broadcaster, Jeff Lucas also holds a pastoral teaching position at Timberline Church in Colorado.

Series 1 - That’s a Good Question!

‘How are you?’ ‘How was your weekend?’ ‘What’s for dinner?’ We ask so many questions every day. Sometimes the answers can lead to very interesting discussions, which deepen relationships and allow us to see another’s point of view.

The questions God posed to His people in the Bible were designed to reveal new vistas, to challenge, to comfort, to adjust and to warn. In this issue, Jeff looks at challenging questions that God put to Joshua, Jacob, Isaiah, Abraham and Hagar. Perhaps those same thought-provoking questions will help you in your own walk with the Lord. 



Jeff Lucas
5:45 minutes

Will of God

Jeff Lucas
6:23 minutes


Jeff Lucas
7:02 minutes

Series 2 - Dear Titus...


Jeff Lucas
5:55 minutes

World is watching

Jeff Lucas
6:52 minutes

Grace has appeared

Jeff Lucas
4:36 minutes

Series 3 - The Apprentice

Whole life service

Jeff Lucas
4:41 minutes

Joyful sacrifice

Jeff Lucas
5:09 minutes

Credible Miracles

Jeff Lucas
5:33 minutes


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