A Practical Approach in Handling Anger 

Extract from Insight into Anger, Chris Ledger & Wendy Bray, CWR
23 August 2013 10:52:00
MANAGING THE BODY’S REACTION TO ANGER   There are three ways in which we can help ourselves – and each other – to manage anger physiologically. By: 1. Learning the value and techniques of deep breathing. 2. Understanding the benefit of regular... read more

How the Bible portrays depression 

Extract from Insight into Depression, Chris Ledger & Wendy Bray, CWR
22 August 2013 09:53:00
How the Bible portrays depression   Elijah (1 Kings 19:1–18) God has finally thundered His judgment against the evil King Ahab through His prophet Elijah, and He tells Elijah to flee away from the king’s reach. Although God promises to... read more

Depression and Faith 

Extract from Insight into Depression, Chris Ledger & Wendy Bray, CWR
21 August 2013 15:59:00
The spiritual impact of depression   Depression in Christians is rarely caused by our spiritual life, but depression will affect us spiritually. When our life events are difficult or traumatic and we are not firmly rooted in our sense of identity... read more

What is Anxiety? 

Extract from Insight into Anxiety, Clare Blake & Chris Ledger, CWR
19 August 2013 08:31:00

What words or pictures spring to mind when you hear the term 'anxiety'? An Introduction to Insight Into Anxiety.

... read more
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