Help sow into lives to grow God's Kingdom

'The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed... Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants...' Matthew 13:31–32, NIV

From the very first seeds sown over 50 years ago, CWR has established roots firmly planted in prayer and God’s Word and developed into a fruitful charity helping Christians grow in their faith.

Our vision is to plant new seeds, through our resources, into many more lives of people who want to grow in
their relationships with God.

Help us sow into the lives of children

Your donation can help subsidise resources like Topz, our daily Bible reading notes that encourage children
to live their lives for God.

‘Topz has helped me to understand that God’s Word is not just for me but for everyone!’

Help us sow into the lives of prisoners

‘I am writing to you as a prisoner who has recently let God into my life. I was reading 40 Stories of Hope and felt drawn to your advert. I have recently hit rock bottom spending most
of the last three years in prison. A couple of weeks ago I asked the Lord to come into my life and I suddenly felt different.’

The testimonies of how self-doubt and guilt are replaced by God’s love and forgiveness when prisoners meet God through our resources are both humbling and inspirational.

We need your help to inspire and nurture children’s faith; to provide for and encourage prisoners on their walk with God; and to support and build up many others through our ministry. Please donate today.

£30 can help to give 2 young offenders in a secure training unit a subscription to Bible reading notes letting them know they are loved and forgiven by God

£40 could help subsidise 20 copies of children's resources equipping them to face challenges and pressures in life with God at their side. 

£60 could enable 4 prisoners to receive daily Bible reading notes for a year, continuing their spiritual growth.

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