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Uniqueness of Waverley Counselling Training in Asia
How does a Christian understand what it means to be human? To be able to address personal struggle, CWR|ASIA’s Waverley Christian Counselling Training begins with the development of a clear biblical exploration of the nature of people and the roots of human problems.

Waverley Counselling Training has an intentional focus on the counsellor or pastoral carer as an individual also. The various modules are sprinkled with times of developing greater self-awareness through application of the principles being taught, through personal reflection, and written reflective practice, and by discussion in small groups.
All Waverley Counselling Training Programmes consider how the Waverley Model can be integrated effectively and helpfully with other contemporary counselling theories without comprising Waverley’s distinctive Christian roots. A number of well-known alternative counselling models and interventions are introduced in later modules of the programme with evaluation of their compatibility with a Waverley Counselling Christian viewpoint.

Students find the counselling skills to be both powerful and enriching in their relationships and lives in general.  Developing a high level of competence in counselling skills is a priority of the training programme.  This is achieved through teaching, tutor role-plays, and  small group work where skills are honed. Feedback and evaluation by tutors complete the process. It is always encouraging to observe how well students progress in their development of interpersonal and counselling skills.

Module Five of CWR|Asia’s Introduction to Christian Counselling and Pastoral Care training programme.

 If you have completed Modules 1-4 in the past few years, (known as Parts 1-4 in earlier years), you are eligible to be involved. 

This will be the only time that Module 5 will be offered in Singapore.

The five modules will bring Cambodian students to the equivalent level of a Waverley Abbey College (WAC) Certificate in Counselling. Students in the CWR|Asia programme who successfully complete all the requirements of Modules 1-5 will be awarded the Waverley Abbey College Certificate. This Certificate is not accredited by Middlesex University but it is an access pathway to the MA in Counselling.    
 Module 5 is composed of two parts: A and B.  Students must attend both parts and complete the associated assessments to complete Module 5. 

The dates are: 
Module 5A             Monday - Wednesday February 25 - 27
Module 5B             Monday - Wednesday 6 - 8 May
                              Skills assessments: Thursday - Friday 9 - 10 May
NOTE:  Every course day is morning and afternoon from 8:30am to approximately 5pm

Course fee:
Prices to be confirmed (Lunch & tea breaks will be provided for during the seminar) per module

International Christian Assembly (ICA)
No. 37M, St. 16
Teuk Thia
Sen Sok
Phnom Phen City 12102

For more information and to book please contact Wendy Scott Telephone: +855 12 375 042 email:


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