Christ Empowered Living Resource Pack

Selwyn Hughes

Christ Empowered 
Living Resource Pack

The first steps towards spiritual growth are the start of a long journey – and one which often begins with some challenging questions. Why do I lack willpower to conquer besetting sins? If Christ is in me, why do I experience defeat in trying to lead a Christian life? What does God really expect of me in this earthly body?

In this course, designed to meet the needs of homegroups and discipleship training, Selwyn Hughes answers these questions and many more. The Christ Empowered Living course runs ideally for eight weekly sessions, during which time those taking the course explore the Creation, the problems of the Fall, and how we can be restored to Him. In doing so, students will discover the deepest needs of their personalities, how God designed their personalities to function, the three most troublesome emotions and how to deal with them. 

The pack includes two DVDs (covering eight half-hour sessions) and one notebook (including the comprehensive leader’s guide).

Free Sampler DVD
To help you get a taster for the Christ Empowered Living DVD Course, we have produced a short DVD which includes an introduction to the course and an extract from one of the teaching sessions.
If you would like to order a copy of this FREE Sampler DVD, please click here

Information for Group Leaders

Resources required
  • DVD Resource Pack £59.99
  • A workbook for each participant (£5.99 each)
  • Leaders guide included in the back of workbook
Session Details
  • Number of sessions: 8
  • Session duration - 1.30 hr approx
  • DVD session duration - 30 min each session

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