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The Gospel of a New Age  

18 August 2010 15:35:03

The Gospel of a New Age Philip Greenslade explores the gospel and person of John.

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Character Studies

Mary & Martha 

18 August 2010 15:39:53

Mary and Martha go together like chalk and cheese. Although they are sisters, and usually appear together in the Bible, its authors often draw attention to their differences rather than their similarities.

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18 August 2010 15:38:51

Luke is very much a background character in the New Testament. Even though he wrote a gospel and the book of Acts, Luke deliberately switches the attention of the reader away from himself and on to others.

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John the Baptist 

18 August 2010 15:37:24

John is one of the few characters whose life was the subject of prophecy hundreds of years before he was born. In Luke 3:3–6 we read that his ministry fulfilled the passage in Isaiah 40:3–5 of one who would come to prepare the way of the Lord specifically by preaching in desert places.

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Discussion Starters

Discussion Starters Section 10 

18 August 2010 15:42:34

bubbleThought-provoking prompts to help you get more out of your journey of discovery through the Bible.

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Personal Application

links Seminars that help you to apply the lessons that you discover through reading Cover to Cover Complete. click here

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