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The Great Ziggurat
Built in the twenty-first century BC in Ur, the birthplace of Abram. It was built by King Ur-Nammu as a tribute to the moon god Nanna (or Sin). Today, the ziggurat is still well preserved in large parts as the only major remainder of Ur in present-day southern Iraq.
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Second Things First!  

18 August 2010 13:00:29

Second Things First! Exodus, not Genesis, is arguably the first book of the Bible!

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A Bird's-eye View of the Bible  

18 August 2010 12:50:58

A Bird's-eye View of the Bible Get an overview of the Bible's epic story and see everything in context as you read

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Why Read the Bible at all?  

18 August 2010 12:47:29

Why Read the Bible at all? In a regular series of unique observations, Phil Greenslade reveals a fresh view of God and His Word.

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Character Studies


18 August 2010 13:09:09

Jacob is one of those Bible characters who, like Paul the Apostle, had a dynamic conversion experience.

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18 August 2010 13:06:42

Job is a book which is as relevant today as it was 4,000 years ago. Much of Western Christianity seems to be obsessed with obtaining blessings of wealth, health and happiness.

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18 August 2010 13:05:02

It is said in Hebrews 11:7 that Noah responded to God in an act of obedience with an attitude of holy fear.

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18 August 2010 13:03:17

Adam was created by God to be His image-bearer and represent Him on earth. Where he failed, Jesus Christ more than succeeded.

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Discussion Starters

Discussion Starters Section 1 

18 August 2010 13:11:45

Thought-provoking prompts to help you get more out of your journey of discovery through the Bible.

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Personal Application

links Seminars that help you to apply the lessons that you discover through reading Cover to Cover Complete. click here

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