Bible 60

‘Easy to follow with good explanations for each passage in the Bible.’

What is Bible 60?

Bible 60 provides a fresh way for you and your church to engage with the story of Scripture, a story that reaches far into the past and stretches on into the future. In 60 ‘snapshots’, Andy Peck presents the crucial parts and key turning points in the story of God and His people, giving you a clear overview of the narrative and the part you can play in it today. Contains thirty readings from the Old Testament and thirty from the New along with insightful devotional thoughts and questions to ponder.


Why do the challenge?

Over 60 days help your church or small groups to See scripture in a new light and discover God’s story afresh. Each day’s snapshot includes a key Bible reference, an overview commentary from Andy Peck and a ‘question to ponder’ allowing you to consider what has been read and how to apply it. Andy clearly shows the common themes that run throughout in order to help readers truly grasp the message of the Bible. His hope is that this book will deposit a hunger in its readers to find out more -- to dig deeper into the Bible for themselves.
Bible 60 is perfect for those new to faith – or for anyone who wants to see how the Bible’s narrative really works.

What does Bible 60 provide?
  • 60 daily Reading that go through key turning points and parts of the narrative critical for a grasp of the story that God is telling in the Bible
  • 15 – 20 minutes reading per day
  • Ideal to do together as a church, small group or individually
  • Great discipleship resource
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3 easy steps to get you started

Step 1: Register your church

Appoint a co-ordinator for the programme and complete the online form by clicking the 'register' button below. We will then send your co-ordinator a pack of invitation cards and posters for your church members, inviting them to be part of this church-wide Bible-reading programme.


Step 2: Order your copies of Bible 60

An order form for Bible 60 will accompany the invitations, cards and posters. This book is normally priced at £6.99 (£4.99 each for orders of 10 copies or more). Your co-ordinator should however place an order for Bible 60 as soon as possible.

Step 3: Bible 60 delivered

We will send your co-ordinator copies of Bible 60.

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