7 Laws for life

Three-hour seminar: date to suit you

Selwyn Hughes considered the 7 Laws of Spiritual Success to be his legacy to the next generation. He wanted to set down what he considered to be the key elements of a successful Christian life that are more than mere principles. These 7 laws have inevitable consequences that are as reliable as the laws of gravity.

In this dynamic seminar you will discover:
  • How to tap into the great spiritual laws God has built into the universe
  • The one thing above all others that sabotages an effective prayer life
  • The four reasons why people give up on God
  • What to do when difficult circumstances shatter your faith
  • Why in helping others you in turn help yourself
  • How to rid your soul of every hurt and bitterness
  • Why some people find it difficult to forgive and forget
  • The three proven steps to the cultivation of your soul
  • Why service for God is only second in importance
  • How to overcome dark and depressing doubts
  • ... and much else
Ideal for
Christians of all ages, both new and mature.
Mick Brooks
Mick is CWR's Chief Executive and presents a range of seminars and courses, including CWR's Preparation for Marriage weekends. His background in both general and psychiatric nursing has given him invaluable experience in many areas of interpersonal skills and relationships. After a period of management in the NHS, Mick studied theology in the USA, from where he moved to the West Indies to serve as Dean of Students at a Bible School.
£6 per person.
'Well presented and easy to understand.'
'Solidly based in God's Word.'

'So many human experiences mixed in with the teaching.'
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Format  This is a three-hour seminar.
Participants Minimum of 100 delegates.
At your local church or other local venue.
If you are interested in having this seminar in your area, please email us or call 01252 784782.

Email us at training@cwr.org.uk

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