40 Days with Jesus

'Dave Smith is one of the most inspirational Christian leaders in the UK today. I am delighted that through this book he has given us not only profound insights into the teachings of the New Testament but helped each of us draw daily closer to Jesus Christ.'
Nicky Gumbel

What is 40 Days with Jesus?

Over six weeks 40 Days with Jesus focuses on the 40-day post-resurrection period during which a number of key biblical figures had life-transforming encounters with the risen Christ. Each week, explore a different facet of life lived with Him. It is a resource suitable for churches, small groups and individuals. At its heart is an invitation to actively explore the accounts of the risen Jesus.


Why do the challenge?

40 Days with Jesus is based around a particularly successful teaching series that KingsGate Community Church ran following Easter 2012. For nearly 20 years they had seen lots of guests come to their Easter services, many of whom had given or recommitted their lives to Christ. However, many more viewed this as a one-off event, and would wait to come back at Christmas or the following Easter! So instead of having Easter Sunday as a stand-alone celebration, it was earmarked as Part 1 of a series entitled ‘40 Days with Jesus’.

As they focused on Jesus not only did faith arise from the wonder of the resurrection, but the living Christ revealed Himself to many of them in fresh ways by His Spirit. Many people came to Christ, and many people came back to Christ. The hope is that many other churches will also experience this as they go on the 40 day journey.

What does 40 Days with Jesus provide?
  • Free sermon outlines and resources for churches
  • Free online video resources for small groups
  • Focussing on the 40 day period during which a number of key biblical figures had life transforming encounters with the risen Christ
  • Perfect for mature or new Christians
  • Ideal for post-Easter time, but can be used any time of the year
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3 easy steps to get you started

Step 1: Register your church

Appoint a co-ordinator for the programme and complete the online form by clicking the 'register' button below. We will then send your co-ordinator a pack of invitation cards and posters for your church members, inviting them to be part of this church-wide Bible-reading programme.


Step 2: Order your copies of 40 Days with Jesus

An order form for 40 Days with Jesus will accompany the invitations, cards and posters. This book is normally priced at £6.99 (£4.99 each for orders of 10 copies or more). Your co-ordinator should however place an order for 40 Days with Jesus as soon as possible.

Step 3: 40 Days with Jesus delivered

We will send your co-ordinator copies of 40 Days with Jesus.

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