Waverley Abbey House
Course Leader
Chris Ledger
£38.50 including lunch


Insight into Self-Acceptance (April 2017)

Led by Chris Ledger

This day has very limited places... please call 01252 784719 to book.

Many of us struggle to believe that we can be truly loved and accepted just as we are. Perhaps we know that God loves us, but are still striving to feel ‘good enough’. Understanding some of the obstacles to self-acceptance can lead to a breakthrough in our relationships with ourselves, with others, and with the loving God who already accepts us.

This course covers key insights such as a few of what these obstacles might be (such as guilt, shame or perfectionism), how to identify and understand your ‘inner critical voice’, and how to positively embrace the person that God created you to be.

Drawing on case studies, and the personal and professional experience of the course leaders, this course is ideal for anyone seeking to work on their own self-acceptance, or help others to do so.

Insight Days are designed to give you a basic understanding of some key life issues that many people struggle with today.

9am–4.30pm (arrival and refreshments 9–9.30am).

How to Book
Please call 01252 784719 (Mon–Fri 9am–4.30pm) with your debit/credit card details.

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