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This cool, contemporary-looking devotional for 14- to 18-year-olds is jointly produced by CWR and Youth for Christ (YFC). Each issue covers four months and contains:

  • Sections tackling Bible themes and spiritual issues
  • ‘Hot potatoes’ – insights into the challenges faced by young people
  • Breadth of knowledge and a variety of writing styles
  • Prayers and action points to help readers put lessons into practice
  • Full colour throughout
  • The Mettle devotional accompanies the Mettle curriculum produced by YFC as an aid for youth group leaders.
  • Youth group material to complement the Mettle Bible reading notes are available . Find out more at

We are unable to renew or accept new subscriptions for Mettle at this time. However you are able to purchase individual copies see link below

We also offer Mettle as an Digital Edition for more information visit

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