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Personality and Stress
Finding ways to manage your stress
by Dr Ruth Fowke
128-page paperback, 197x129mm
ISBN: 978-1-85345-542-1

£7.99 (GBP)

Discover just what causes you stress and manage it more effectively

There is no escaping stress; but one person's stress is another's stimulus. What causes you stress?

And which stress management methods work best for your personality type?

Do your thought patterns add pressure to your life? And does your view of God cause you stress or bring you rest?

This insightful book will help you evaluate your stress load based on your personality type and enable you to resolve stress build-up before it becomes debilitating.

You will also discover whether your view of God is weighing you down rather than lifting you up.

Probing questions and insightful guidance at the end of each chapter will apply Dr Fowke's expertise to your life.

Dr Ruth Fowke worked for many years as a psychiatrist for the NHS, and more recently for Interhealth.

She is a trained retreat director and is also the author of the CWR book Personality and Prayer as well as books on depression and coping with crises.