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Extra Special
by Anna Payne
32-page paperback, 178x178mm
ISBN: 978-1-85345-501-8

£4.99 (GBP)

Help children deal effectively with bereavement

Ben and Fiona love to visit their elderly friend Theo, poring over his collection of Extra Special Things. Theo allows Ben and Fiona to enjoy playing with a beautiful, jewelled butterfly they love; but eventually they have to return it to Theo so he can look after it.

In the same way, we sometimes have to give back to God someone we love – when they die.

Includes guidelines for parents, carers, schools and others written and endorsed by the charity Simon Says.

"I strongly recommend this resource. All ministers would do well to have copies to give to bereaved families with children."
Rona Orme, Christian Marketplace, May 2009

"Tackling one of the hardest subjects parents are ever likely to have to explain, Anna Payne creates a wonderful metaphor ... accompanied by lovely illustrations that almost seem to glow."
Church Times, 12 June 2009
Ideal for children aged 4-9

Anna Payne has taught English and Drama in schools and told stories in toddler groups. She is also the author of A New Shape, a book that helps children deal with family breakup. Anna was born in Papua, New Guinea, and moved to Britain when she was nine years old. She now lives in Winchester with her husband and three children.