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Life Issues Bible Study
by Keith Tondeur
32-page softback, 210x148mm
ISBN: 978-1-85345-513-1

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Enjoy the benefits of God's perspective on your finances

Studies show that the amount of debt Christians have and our levels of giving are not very different from that of non-Christians.

But we belong to the kingdom of heaven, and Jesus encourages us to invest in eternity because we will forever be glad we did!

This four-week course will help you to understand the basics of God’s teaching about money and will enable you to enjoy greater financial freedom in this life and reap eternal rewards in the next

Each week's study contains discussion starters, personal application, reflections etc. For individual or small-group use.

About the author

Keith Tondeur founded the money education charity Credit Action, in 1994, having worked for twenty years as a stockbroker.

He was one of seven members of the Debt Commission established in 2005.

Convinced that everyone needs to learn biblical principles on handling money God's way, he has written over a dozen books on the subject.

Keith and his wife Sue attend King's Church in Richmond, Yorkshire, and he is a regular speaker at conferences and churches.


"I found this very challenging, but the good news that comes across is that when we're godly with our money, we can change the lives of others and live well in God's freedom."
Sorted magazine, May 2009