Amazing Agents of God
Outstanding Operations
Andy Robb
129 x 197mm paperback
ISBN: 978-1-78259-939-5

£5.99 (GBP)

The Bible is full of amazing people who undertake megatastic missions for God – just like special agents. 

This time, get to know the profile, background and achievement of agents John the Baptist, Puah and Shiphrah, David, Mary and Elijah – and then find out how you can become an agent of God, too!
In reading the agents’ reports, the imaginations of young readers can be transported to the middle of thrilling life-changing episodes. These men and women from the Bible come to life as inspiring and exciting role models. Andy Robb taps into the desire for many young people to hear about courageous people who made a big difference.

This series hopes to reignite the curiosity within young minds to learn more about Old and New Testament characters, why they accepted their missions, how it led to amazing adventures and a deeper faith in their boss (God).