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Professor Bumblebrain's Bonkers Book on Jesus
by Andy Robb
100-page paperback, 197x129mm
ISBN: 978-1-85345-623-7

£6.99 (GBP)

Who is Jesus? Where did He come from? What was His mission? What's it to me?

Delve into this Bonkers Book to find the answers to these questions and more as Professor Bumblebrain – brilliant and barmy Bible buff – explodes the myths and muddles surrounding Jesus' life with fascinating facts and amazing anecdotes.

Discover: who Jesus really is; the amazing stories He told; the marvellous miracles He performed; His part in God's great rescue plan; and how you can know Him today.

Intrigued, dear reader? Read on!

Created for 7 to 11-year-olds.

Andy Robb is an established children's illustrator and writer with over thirty books to his name. He is passionate about producing books that help children understand who God is and how to live life God's way.