Youth Devotionals

Beautifully Brave
This 60-day devotional for girls is bursting with inspiring stories, eye-opening Bible passages and guiding prayers. It includes topics such as living daringly as Jesus taught, understanding and using the armour of God, being empowered through praising Him, and being unified with other girls and women of God.
Bold Brave Faith
Christian Resources Together Youth Book of the Year 2015

Prepare to grapple with some big questions as this handy book takes you through four of the most important topics central to the life of guys today: teamwork, temptation, battles and struggles, and attitude.

Ideal for teenager boys
Live Love Dream
Every girl has the potential to live an extraordinary life and this gorgeous little book wants to celebrate just that!

From self-image to sharing the gospel with friends, discover what the Bible has to say, and what God has in store for you, every day.
Stand Strong

This book contains daily Bible passages to bring you into the action. You’ll be challenged each day to live for God in the Engage sections. And there are plenty of prayers to get you going in the right direction

Ideal for teenager boys
Take Courage
This book for guys is all about courage. Learn about prayer – communication with the God who created us and created courage in the first place. Next we look at doubt and how to overcome it. Lastly there’s a section about David – a young lad who needed courage from the day he stood up to Goliath right through his life.       
This 60-day devotional for girls is bursting with inspiring stories, eye-opening Bible passages and guiding prayers. It includes topics such as dealing with pressure and rising up to challenges; meeting and knowing Jesus personally, and discovering some wise words for life.
May-June 2016
*New look YP’s!* (Including: more puzzles and games throughout)

This popular bimonthly daily devotional encourages 11-15 year olds to dig deeper into God's Word.
Guide to Knowing God
In ten easy-reading sections, with plenty of space for pondering, you’ll see how what you believe about God really does affect your life.
YP's 1-year subscription - By Post
YP's for New Christians
In just 30 days 12–16-year-olds can find out how mind-blowing life with God can be.
YP's Guide to Starting Secondary School – New School, New Challenge
Moving to secondary school can be daunting – but help is at hand!
Mettle 1-year subscription - By Post
A cool, contemporary daily devotional that makes the Bible relevant to 14–18-year-olds.
Mettle for New Christians
* 23/05/2016 - This product is currently out of stock and being reprinted. Any orders placed will be fulfilled once they are back into stock.

This introduction to the Christian life was produced in partnership with YFC for 14–18-year-olds.
Mettle Guide to Starting University
Biblical guidance and practical wisdom for those starting university life.

This product is available in either book or e-book format. Click through to choose the format you require ...
Mettle Guide to the Bible
Understand the who, what and why of the wilderness, cities, kings, poems, prophets and more.