Life Every Day
January - February 2019


A mark of Christian maturity is being prepared to learn from other’s errors of judgment – rather than repeating the mistakes made by previous generations. In this study of biblical rogues, we learn about their foolishness, their wrong choices and their determination not to obey, or listen to, God. These characters are deliberately included in the Bible to encourage us to act in a different way.


Life Every Day
November - December 2018


It’s great to have noble and inspiring role-models but what about bad role-models? What can we learn from them? The Bible depicts men and women as they really are without glossing over their failings.


Life Every Day
September - October 2018


It’s a question often levelled at the arrogant, the self-righteous, or the opinionated: ‘Who do you think you are?’ As Christians, we could ask the same question of ourselves.


Life Every Day
July - August 2018


Aaron was Moses’ right-hand man and brother. He was vital during the Exodus from Egypt; he helped Moses by speaking out and calling for the Israelites to be freed. Individually they each had their flaws, but together Moses and Aaron made a powerful team.


Life Every Day
May - June 2018
World Changers

How much can we learn about someone by the company they keep? And how much can we learn about Jesus by the men He chose to be His disciples?
Life Every Day
March - April 2018

The Twelve

If you take a closer look at the disciples, you’ll see a group of men who didn’t always get it, who wanted to promote their own interests, who couldn’t get on with each other ...



Life Every Day
January - February 2018

I Will Follow

The second letter of Peter gives us his last words. These are packed with concern for the Christians he was leaving behind, passion for the gospel he was proclaiming and protecting, and the repeated theme of love and commitment to the Christ he had followed, yet often let down.