Life Every Day
May -June 2019

What did Jesus do?

Jesus and His disciples are making their way to Jerusalem. Anticipation in the group as to what lies ahead is high. Jesus’ followers foresee an epic reveal of Jesus as the Messiah and the overthrow of the Romans. Jesus, however, knows that His most difficult task is fast approaching.




Life Every Day
March - April 2019


The best biographers do their research, check their sources, investigate the truth and, ideally, know their subject personally. All these qualities come together in the book of Matthew, the first of the four Gospels that open up the life, teaching and impact of Jesus Christ.




Life Every Day
January - February 2019


A mark of Christian maturity is being prepared to learn from other’s errors of judgment – rather than repeating the mistakes made by previous generations. In this study of biblical rogues, we learn about their foolishness, their wrong choices and their determination not to obey, or listen to, God. These characters are deliberately included in the Bible to encourage us to act in a different way.