Every Day with Jesus
January- February 2020

My Eyes Have Seen The King

When the prophet Isaiah came face-to-face with the living God, his whole life was transformed. After such a dramatic vision, he was forever changed by the holiness and awesomeness of God.

Every Day with Jesus
July - August 2020

 Walk this Way

The longing to be blessed is built into us by our heavenly Father who delights to bless His people by giving them real happiness, contentment and joy. This issue, join us as we look at each of the Beatitudes given by Jesus in Matthew 5, and explore how walking this way can transform our lives. 
Every Day with Jesus
March-April 2020

The Prayer Of Jesus

Most Christians will be very familiar with the Lord’s Prayer, but what about another prayer of Jesus – the one He prayed just before His arrest?

Every Day with Jesus
May - June 2020

Imagery of The Spirit

To many, the Holy Spirit is strange, mysterious or nothing more than a vague influence. Yet the Holy Spirit is the one who loves to relate to us, who purifies us and makes us effective in our spiritual lives.

Every Day with Jesus
September-October 2020
Deeply Rooted

For 55 years now, the vision behind Every Day with Jesus has been to help readers develop a deeper relationship with God, that they might experience personal revival so join us as we consider three ingredients needed to know and encounter God