discussion starters - section 9

18 August 2010 15:21:26

How do the psalms reflect the reality of the human experience?

How did God show mercy to Nebuchadnezzer?

How do we see the Trinity in Daniel 7?

What sin did Haggai identify in the people’s behaviour and priorities?

What was the first thing the exiles did when they reached Jerusalem?

How did God use opposition to help the Jews build the temple?

What qualities do you see in the person of Esther?

What totally different types of prayer did Nehemiah practise?

Which of Zechariah’s prophecies of the Messiah and Israel do you think have been fulfilled?

What were Nehemiah’s strengths?

What is the concluding thought of the Old Testament?

How do you respond when people ridicule your beliefs and your efforts to share your faith?

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