Discussion Starters - Section 8

19 August 2010 10:44:22

Why can some false prophets be so appealing?

What would happen to Ezekiel if he did not warn the people?

Why did God warn people who would not listen?

Why must we be careful in our attitude to God’s blessings? (Ezek16)

Why was there to be no public mourning? (Ezek 24)

What idols do people in your own country worship?

What did Johanan seek and not seek when asking Jeremiah for advice?

In Lamentations, how does Jeremiah act like Jesus?

Why would God allow His own temple to be destroyed?

What comfort is there when we are persecuted for our faith? (Daniel 3)

Why did the descendants of Zadok have a special privilege and what was it? (Ezek 44)

Do you believe your own situation is hopeless?

Encourage one another with the message of the valley of dry bones.

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