Discussion Starters - Section 7

19 August 2010 10:49:51

What sins are associated with wealth?

What laws of the harvest does Hosea reveal?

Are you aware of any hardness in your heart that needs to be broken up to produce fruitful soil?

Of which New Testament character did Isaiah prophesy other than Jesus?

What are the benefits and dangers of fasting?

Can you share about the time you heard the good news of Jesus and received Him as Saviour?

What comfort could Israel experience in the midst of defeat and deportation?

How does Manasseh’s life exemplify the true purpose of God’s discipline?

In what way is God’s discipline both retributive and redemptive?

What two evils did God’s people commit in Jeremiah?

What two aspects of the “Day of the Lord” does Zephaniah reveal?

How did Jeremiah feel about the people’s sin?

Contrast Habakkuk’s initial and final attitudes towards God

How did Daniel respond to authority when he disagreed with it?

Contrast the yoke of Jeremiah and the yoke of Jesus (Mtt.11:28–29)

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