Discussion Starters - Section 6

19 August 2010 10:52:37

How did Asa show his determination to follow God whatever the cost?

What does the story of the impoverished widow teach us?

How did Elisha show true discipleship?

Why was Jehoshaphat rebuked by God?

What difficulties did Elisha face before inheriting Elijah’s godly power?

Why was the salvation of Joash so important?

Why did God tell Hosea to marry a prostitute?

What is the central message of Joel?

Why did Jonah refuse to go to Nineveh?

In what way did Uzziah try to imitate Christ and commit the same sin as Saul?

What was Isaiah’s overwhelming impression when he saw God on the throne?

What different elements can you identify in the revival under Hezekiah?

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