Discussion Starters - Section 3

19 August 2010 09:49:59

Why were the commandments given?

How does God view involvement with the supernatural?

To what extent should Christians be separate from unbelievers?

Why would a loving God command a rebellious son to be stoned to death?

What would guarantee Joshua’s success and how well do you fulfil the same conditions?

Is there a personal “Jordan river” barrier in your life that you need to cross by faith?

How do we see salvation in Jericho’s destruction?

Why did Joshua help the Gibeonites even though they tricked him into a covenant?

Why did the Levitical priests have no earthly inheritance?

Why did God reduce the size of Joshua’s army and how does the principle apply to you/your church?

What was the tragic epitaph to the book of Judges? Can you give any modern examples of this attitude?

What was the difference between Ruth and Orpah’s love for Naomi that speaks of Jesus call for us?

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