Discussion Starters Section 1

18 August 2010 13:11:45

How should Adam and Eve have responded to temptation?

What do we learn about God from the story of the flood?

In what ways do we see the Three-In-One God revealed?

How did God respond to Job’s questions?

Can you identify good and bad parts of Abraham’s character? Why did God use an imperfect person?

What was God’s purpose in choosing Abraham and YOU?

Why did God ask Abraham to sacrifice Isaac and what was the result?

In what ways did Isaac follow his father’s good and bad examples?

Why do you think God choose Jacob even though he stole Esau’s blessings?

What was Joseph’s own commentary on the difficult periods of his life?

Why did God use a murderer like Moses who was also reluctant and fearful?

Why did God harden Pharaoh’s heart?

In what way were the flood and the plagues similar?

How was the Passover like Christ?

How does the battle with Amalek demonstrate the absolute necessity of prayer?

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