Cover to Cover Complete NIV

‘Cover to Cover Complete has undoubtedly enabled people to get to know the Bible better.’

What is Cover to Cover NIV Complete?

Cover to Cover Complete is a thrilling journey through the Bible as it happened, letting you see God’s eternal purposes unfold before your eyes as you read through the entire NIV Bible text. This is a Bible-reading plan with a difference. Cover to Cover Complete, based on the bestselling Cover to Cover: Through the Bible as it happened, will take you on a voyage of discovery through God’s Word in one year.


Why do the challenge?

Reading Scripture’s story in the order events happened enables your congregation to see God’s cohesive promise-plan fulfilled by Christ and the new covenant. And the beautiful charts, maps, illustrations, diagrams and timelines will make the biblical background clear and engaging and will keep each day’s reading in the context of the bigger picture.

Devotional thoughts make each day’s reading relevant, and related character studies, articles and photos online provide additional insight.

Over 500 churches have already taken a CWR one-year-through-the-Bible journey together. Many of them find doing Cover to Cover Complete as a church is a deeply bonding experience that draws their people together, boosts their faith, restores their love for God’s Word.

What does Cover to Cover Complete include?

To help you discover more on your journey through the year, Cover to Cover Complete includes:
  • Charts, maps, illustrations and diagrams to enhance the readers’ understanding of the Bible and biblical times
  • A timeline that runs across the bottom of each page, keeping every event in context
  • Reflections each day from Selwyn Hughes and Trevor Partridge
  • The complete anglicised New International Version (updated in 2011), in chronological order, divided into manageable daily sections
  • An accompanying section on the CWR website, featuring character studies, readers’ testimonies, helpful hints and much more ...
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3 easy steps to get you started

Step 1: Register your church

Appoint a co-ordinator for the programme and complete the online form by clicking the 'register' button below. We will then send your co-ordinator a pack of invitation cards and posters for your church members, inviting them to be part of this church-wide Bible-reading programme.


Step 2: Order your copies of Cover to Cover Complete

An order form for Cover to Cover Complete will accompany the invitations, cards and posters. This hardback book is normally priced at £24.99, but you will benefit from a bulk discount. Your co-ordinator should however place an order for Cover to Cover Complete as soon as possible.

Step 3: Cover to Cover Complete delivered

We will send your co-ordinator copies of Cover to Cover Complete.

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