Cover to Cover Complete Church Journey of Discovery


A fascinating chronological journey awaits!

Reading the Bible in a year is one of the most exciting challenges that members of your congregation could embark on together.

Cover to Cover Complete really brings that reading alive – and turns it into a gripping journey of discovery!

It has everything they need to watch the unfolding of God’s purposes over the centuries including:

  • Charts
  • Maps
  • Illustrations
  • Diagrams
  • Timelines
  • Devotional thoughts.

 It also contains the complete Bible text in chronological order – the events as they happened.

And we give your people more information on each section of their reading in the Cover to Cover Complete area of our website.

Your church's own online forum

If you embark on our church journey of discovery, we will give you your own online forum where your church members can share their views and thoughts on the Bible readings throughout the year.


Steps to get you started

1: Registration

Appoint a co-ordinator. Then click the 'register' button below and complete the online registration form to register your church.

We will confirm your registration by sending your co-ordinator a pack of invitation cards to give to your church members, inviting them to commit to reading the Bible in a year.


2: Order your books
We will send an order form along with registration confirmation. You can use this form to order as many copies as you need of Cover to Cover Complete, which provides in one book everything readers need to complete their journey of discovery through the Bible.

Although normally priced at £19.99, your church can buy copies of this book and benefit from bulk discount prices. Your co-ordinator should however place an order for Cover to Cover Complete before Friday 2 December 2011.

3: Books delivered
We will send your co-ordinator the copies of Cover to Cover Complete requested, together with bookmarks. These bookmarks have a space for the name of the person taking the challenge, along with the password for logging on to your church’s mini website.

If you would like to discuss our 'Cover to Cover Complete Church Journey' please do not hesitate to contact our Church Resources Manager call us on 01252 784782.

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